Health Insurance for a family is the best
thing you can do for your family!!!

If a child, a spouse, a life partner or a parent depend on you or
your income, you need life insurance.


    About Family Health Insurance

    In today’s time of rapidly rising healthcare costs, buying a family health insurance policy is the perfect protection measure for everyone family. Family health insurance is insurance that covers more than 1 member in a family. The family cover provides financial stability at the time of medical emergencies. Family insurance normally covers husband and wife and up to their 4 children. But some insurance company provides to cover their parents also.

    Before getting a family health insurance, things to remember
    • Basic coverages under the policy
    • Waiting period
    • Claim ration of the insurance company
    • Cashless hospitals
    • Renewal Age limit
    Some of the main coverages in Family health insurance
    • In-patient care
    • Pre & Post Hospitalization
    • Domiciliary Hospitalization
    • Daily Allowance
    • Organ Donar Cover
    • Lifelong Renewability
    • Annual Health-Checkup
    • Tax Benefit
    • Automatic Recharge of Sum Insured

    Claim process

    Step 1: Claim intimation
    Step 2: For Cashless claim

    • Complete the pre-authorization form available at the hospital’s insurance/TPA Desk
    • If the approval letter received from the insurance company, you can initiate the treatment
    • If rejected means, you can go for Reimbursement
    • For Claim Reimbursement
    • Submit the claim form along with the required documents.
    • The claim will settle in a subject to policy terms and conditions.
    The following are the basic documents required for filing a claim:
    • Duly completed claim form (Intimation to toll-free number is mandatory before the form is filled).
    • Original bills, receipts and discharge certificate/ card from the hospital.
    • Original bills from chemists supported by proper prescription.
    • Receipt and investigation test reports from a pathologist supported by the note from attending medical practitioner/ surgeon prescribing the test.
    • Nature of operation performed and surgeon’s bill and receipt.
    • Self-declaration/MLC/FIR in case of accident cases.
    • Treating doctor’s certificate.

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