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July 15, 20200
  • Age Limit
  • Premium and coverage
  • Waiting period
  • Pre and post hospitalization
  • Maternity benefit
  • Co payment
  • Cashless claim
  • Room rent


Age Limit: While purchasing health insurance, premium will be calculated based on the age of the members. Hence we have to check the age limit in insurance before getting insurance. In health insurance, plans have the minimum age limit and maximum age limit. For example, some of the insurance companies provide minimum age limit health coverage from 16th days of new born baby, some companies provide cover from 3rd month. On the same hand, they set maximum age limit upto 65 and some other companies provide upto 75. Which means we can renew the insurance policy upto the maximum age limit.

Premium and coverage: Now a days more peoples are getting awareness about health insurance benefits. But common question among them is, how much cost it will be? Before getting health insurance, one should completely know about the coverages in health plan. We are always recommend to get several quotes from different insurance companies. So you can compare the coverages and cost.

Waiting period: Simply, waiting period concept is a common thing in every insurance companies. But limit for that period is vary in some companies. For example, pre-existing disease will not cover in health insurance until customer will pay his 4th annual premium. Some companies will cover the pre-existing disease after 3 years of successful renewal. This waiting period shall apply to pre-existing disease like thyroid, blood pressure, diabetics, etc. Waiting period will applicable to certain disease like piles, fistula, ENT treatments and more. So one should compare the plans and select the minimum waiting period to able to claim in hospital emergency time.

Pre and post hospitalization: Health insurance plans cover medical expenses caused before hospitalization and after hospitalization. This will help in reducing the medical expenses like medical tests, medicines, doctor fees, etc. Some companies may fix some number of days before and after. So one have to compare health plans and choose the maximum days cover to avail the benefits.

Maternity benefit: Lot of peoples asking whether maternity will cover or not in health insurance. My answer is, maternity expenses will be covered in health insurance. But there will be waiting period for this coverage. Usually, ther will be a waiting period of 2 to 4 years before you can claim the benefit. Some companies can cover this option after 9months of getting health insurance. Choose health insurance which covers maternity benefit in less waiting period.

Co payment: Co-payment is concept of sharing some percentage of claim amount with insurance companies. It is basically imposed in senior citizen health insurance policy. So before getting health insurance, check if there is any copayment applicable or not. If you crossed the certain age limit insurance companies would have a copayment clause.

Cashless claim: Health insurance companies usually tie-uped with hospitals where the insured persons can avail the cashless facility. It save you from more paper work on the time of admission. Concept of claiming in cashless mode is nothing but you will pay only the excess amount which was mentioned in health insurance. Rest of the claim amount will be directly payed to hospital for the insurance company. So you need to check the list of network hospitals count before getting a health insurance.

Room rent: Room rent is the amount charged by a hospital for the occupancy of the bed. In similar terms, your entire claim for health insurance coverage depends on room rent limit. Insurance companies fixing the room rent capping limit based on their sum insured. So before taking health insurance, it is advisable to select plan without room rent capping option.

If you are interested in making a change to your health insurance, we are always recommend to get several quotes from different insurance companies. So you can compare the coverages and cost. Call us at +91 86080 34444 to get best quotes or visit: thebestinsurance.in

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