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July 15, 20200

A comprehensive insurance policy will cover third party liability as well as damage caused to our vehicle. Some of the inbuilt coverages are Collision or Accident or Burglary, theft and housebreaking, flood, storm, cyclone, earthquake, Malicious acts, Damage during the transit. By opting an add-on extension, you can enjoy extra coverages in car insurance. Tyres are one of the most important component in car. Apart from carrying the weight, tyres are subject to abuse of various road surfaces. Normally, damage to the tyre covered only if the vehicle has met an accident. Now a days, some insurance companies provide Tyre protection as an add-on product to cover tyres without getting involved in any accident. This add-on provides cover for damages such as in-tyre bulge, puncture or bursting of tyres, cut on a tyre due to an accident, etc.

Benefits of taking car insurance with Tyre protection cover:
  • Replacement cost
  • Labour cost
  • Bulge/burst
  • Tyre flattening

Tyre protection add-on covers the cost of replacing the damaged tyre to new. Replacement cost is cover in normal comprehensive policy. But the main condition is, the vehicle has to be met an accident. But if one take a tyre protection add-on cover, insurance company will bear the replacement cost even in tyre bulge, puncture or bursting of tyres, cut on a tyre, etc.

Basically if vehicle tyre is damaged means, it has to be removed and refitted by the garage labours. Since, this charges also eligible for claim. Depends upon the garage and repair, labour cost will vary.

Damage to tyre without the vehicle met an accident will cover only by taking a car insurance with tyre protection add-on. If one take this cover, tyre bulge, puncture or bursting of tyres will cover. Considering the road condition, the tyre may become flat. In this situation, tyre protection add-on will help you in serving claim.

Since there is some exclusion even when you opt tyre protection addon, that is cost of puncture and repairing, manufacture defects, violation of operating instruction like racing, rally, etc. improper storage of transportation and main thing is service given from the unauthorized service centre will not be claimable. So getting car insurance with tyre protection will make complete sense.

How to claim a Tyre protection cover?

In unfortunate incident, you have to call to customer care service or insurer for help. They will assist you in that situation and arrange necessary steps to replace the tyre. Assume if you are able to shift car to garage for claim means, you have to give complete information about the incident along with date and time. And you have to provide duly signed claim form, driving license, registration certificate of the vehicle and insurance document. If any police complaints, attest that copy also. Essentially all services are free, in some situation you have to pay initially and after that claim the amount by reimbursement mode.

If you are interested in making a change to your car insurance, we are always recommend to get several quotes from different insurance companies. So you can compare the coverages and cost. Call us at +91 86080 34444 to get best quotes or visit: thebestinsurance.in

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