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April 4, 20191

Road side assistance is an important cover to manage a road side emergency situation. It provides assistance to insured and passengers of the vehicle in case of distress “due to breakdown of the vehicle”.

The services provided under the Roadside Assistance cover are as under:-

  • Emergency Towing service
  • Minor Repairing
  • Spare key arrangement
  • Changing of Tyre
  • Emergency Fuel
  • Alternate battery
  • Alternate transportation
  • Alternate accommodation

Now a days, insurance companies provide roadside assistance cover as an add-on cover. Premium for this cover is depends upon the age of the vehicle.

  • Emergency towing: Vehicle relocation to the nearest garage in case of major breakdown. When you met an accident / unfortunate incident / Mechanical defect and unable to shift your vehicle to the garage. In such situation, road side assistance cover will help you in shifting your vehicle from the spot to the nearest garage.
  • Repair Services for minor breakdowns. When you met an accident / unfortunate incident and unable to repair your vehicle. In such situation, road side assistance services will help you in repairing the breakdown. Initially they help you in phone guidance in case you are not willing to wait for the mechanic person.
  • Assistance in case of Lockout/ lost keys. If you missed your vehicle key or you mistakenly closed your vehicle with key inside. Road side assistance cover help you in providing spare key to resolve the issue.
  • Changing of Flat Tyre. If your tyre become flat, road side assistance customer service person will send some persons to change the tyre of the vehicle.
  • Arrangement of emergency fuel in case the vehicle runs out of fuel. Road side assistance provide fuel support also in emergency situation. So that you don’t have to search for fuel station.
  • Alternative Transport assistance to the nearest safe location for the passengers of the vehicle. For example, if you are driving somewhere with your family or friends in later night, due to some incident you can’t able to drive to your destination. In this situation, road side assistances cover will help you in shifting your family members/friends to a nearest safe location.

How to claim a Roadside assistance cover?

In unfortunate incident, you have to call to road side assistance customer service or insurer for help. They will assist you in that situation and arrange necessary steps to safeguard passengers. Essentially all services are free, in some situation you have to pay initially and after that claim the amount by reimbursement mode. Important thing in this road side assistance cover is, there will be a limit for every aspects. For example, if they are supporting you in key lost situation means, there is limit in value of key. If the value of the key is more than your limit means, you have to pay the difference amount. As like same formula will applicable in all aspects in the Roadside assistance cover.


When you buy a car insurance policy. You should ask the intermediary/company whether they can offer you road side assistance. Road Side Assistance Cover can be sold on standalone basis. Insurance is mandatory for all cars, it is always best to ensure a comprehensive cover from various add-on covers. Roadside assistance is being one of them.

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